Our goal is to

ensure the safety and preparedness of Jewish communities across Europe

Assisting Jewish communities
in Europe
To prepare and apply local community crisis plans which will enable them to handle crisis situations.
Actively helping the communities
in time of crisis
The SACC Core Team provides professional assistance in times of crisis for Jewish communities in Europe.
Creating a sustainable network
of community crisis teams
SACC’s goal is to create a sustainable network of community crisis teams.

Prepare communities for tomorrow’s challenges

Security and Crisis Centre (SACC by EJC) was created in 2012. SACC by EJC’s primary mission is the safety of Jewish communities across Europe.

A crisis situation can disrupt operations, damage reputations, and trigger other threats to the communities. The more prepared a community is to manage unexpected situations, the less likely it will fall victim to wide-spread crisis. It’s not a matter of if a crisis will hit, it’s a matter of when. The SACC by EJC’s highly qualified team of professionals can help communities prepare for and respond to these disruptive events and finally increase their ability to emerge stronger. SACC by EJC organises and delivers trainings, seminars and conferences across Europe to improve the level of preparedness of Jewish communities and strengthen ties with local and EU authorities.

The work of SACC by EJC focuses on a broad range of critical issues such as: crisis management, education, antisemitism, international and domestic terrorism. SACC by EJC produces independent, quality research to effectively equip community leaders, policy makers, European institutions, law enforcement and academics. In collaboration with external partners and organisations, SACC by EJC has produced various publications and multimedia projects such as the “Guide to Judaism for Law Enforcement” in partnership with CEPOL and the Security Awareness Videos #TOGETHERWEARESAFER in partnership with CEPOL, USKOT and others.